Building Relationship and Connection

People are always surprised when we talk about the homeless people in Livingston County. It seems hard to believe, but we have homeless people in one of the most affluent counties in Michigan. We also don't have a homeless shelter. So what do we do?

A collaboration of area churches, along with OLHSA, the Salvation Army, and Love INC, are working together on the Severe Weather Network (SWN). They are working to provide physical, mental, and spiritual refuge to individuals struggling with homelessness. During 2016 the SWN operated for 5 weeks. During that time they provided overnight stays for 21 individuals, representing 278 stays over 35 nights.

That not only represents 21 people receiving food, fellowship, transportation and a safe place to spend the night, but also $12,232 in value based on a motel cost of $44 per night. Even better, of the 21 guests served by the SWN, 11 moved on to stable housing.

The SWN is hosted by area churches, a month at a time. If you're looking to volunteer your time, and serve your community, this is a great opportunity. You can volunteer for a few days, a week, or more! You can help with meals, transportation, supplies, or even cash. If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, or you'd like to ask more questions, contact us.