Transforming Lives

The Love INC Board is committed to ministries that truly transform lives, but sometimes it can seem like a daunting task. Like any journey, however, you need to take the first step. Plans are being formulated now to begin classes that transform lives in the name of Christ.

Whether the class focuses on setting boundaries, affirming potential, or budgeting money these skills can truly transform how our clients live their lives in Christ Jesus. We are working toward a goal of demonstrating “Redemptive Compassion”. If you haven’t read this book by Lois M. Tupyi I would strongly encourage you to order a copy. Clearly, how we have delivered services to God’s blessed poor as a country has not worked. We have largely met an immediate need and ignored how we might change lives so as to eliminate the need. We are good at giving a handout but poor at giving a hand up.

 Transformational Ministry seeks to teach people to change their lives and do for themselves instead of relying on others to do for them. We should never provide something to someone that they can provide for themselves. This robs people of their dignity. If we continue to meet their immediate need without providing training to eliminate the need we perpetuate a broken system.

 Recently, four of us from Love INC witnessed testimonies of people transformed in Christ. Without exception their lives had been completely changed in a year’s time. They graduated from the transformational ministry program with renewed hope and the light of Christ in their eyes and in their hearts. Join Love in the Name of Christ as we transform our ministry to walk with our brothers and sisters in Christ through their dark times and in to God’s radiant light.