Grace and Compassion

Today one of our board members shares a heartfelt blog. We may not know why we face adversity, but it changes us and allows us to empathize with others in a deeper way. We can all find our way; sometimes with the help of friends, family, our faith community, or Love INC.

Sometimes as we go through life we don’t know why there are so many challenges.  When I was a young girl I remember looking at my parents thinking they had it so easy.  They just went to work during the day, came home and relaxed in the evening.  Now as an adult I can really grasp the challenges they were probably faced with.  It is such a different perspective later in life. 

As a board member of Love INC I have always had a desire to help others.  It really is my number one aspiration in life.  I work as a clerk at a large hospital and even though it will never be a lucrative career I know it feeds my soul and my passion to help others in need.   

I am not currently a client of Love INC but can relate to many who are.  In the last several years I have experienced a cancer diagnosis with extensive treatment, losing both of my parents and a wonderful mother-in-law after long illnesses, a crisis in my marriage that was repaired and healed by God, and the most challenging of all was losing my husband of 21 years last year after his short 8 week battle with cancer.  I am left to raise my sons and bring them into adulthood without the male figure at my side and it creates new challenges every day.  No one ever said life was going to be easy.

Sometimes I wonder why I have endured so much at still a fairly young age.  I am convinced that the Lord will humble me and continue to use me to come along side others in times of trouble.  There is no other way to continue through life without Him, and helping others is just a way to let the grace and compassion of our Lord shine through me. 

By Becky Cwiek, Love INC Board Member