It’s an honor to be part of Love INC—Love In the Name of Christ. As Christians, we carry His name; for we are His bride, the church. Not this denomination or that denomination, but the holy catholic church—catholic with a lower case “c”. In other words, Christians of every stripe and flavor, unified by the Holy Spirit into one body.

As name-carriers, we work for the advancement and glory of our Lord Jesus. We proclaim His name, loving others as ourselves, putting others before our selves. We care for the widows, orphans, and prisoners—the downcast and those in need of help.

We have all heard about the income level of Livingston County, the standard of living here. Yet when we look closely, if we care to look, there are individuals and families on the outside looking in struggling to meet daily needs, to pay their bills, to have food for tomorrow, or sometimes even for today. They are trying to make a fresh start or recover from a devastating event.

Pastors of churches know the faces and hear the stories. Other organizations doing worthy work hear them too. The need is real and runs deeper and wider than many would guess. We sometimes hear about it and wish we could do something to help, but we aren’t sure how or where to start.

Love INC puts good intentions into action working behind the scenes, verifying real needs, organizing and helping local churches distribute goods and services, and sometimes providing financial assistance to the truly needy in the name of Christ. Sometimes they say “no” to those not truly in need, also because they love them in the name of Christ.  Those asking for help are image bearers of God. However, they are knocked down, sometimes broken, needing the good news of the gospel. They thirst for the knowledge that they may be forgiven through Christ, that they may become new creations, infused with the Spirit of the same living God who raised Jesus from the dead, and who is the source of true hope and joy in this lifetime and into eternity.

To be part of an organization that does that, helping churches touch lives and transform them in the name of Christ for the glory of God, is an honor indeed.    

Bill Landis, Board Member

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