We Can All Help

You may not know that these thing are going on in Livingston County:

  • Sue and her children are homeless and in need of temporary housing.

  • Bob, a veteran, is moving into a new apartment and needs kitchen utensils.

  • Anne has ill children that need to see a doctor, and she needs gas to get there.

  • James needs laundry detergent so he can wear clean clothes to his job.

Love INC works efficiently to help families and individuals like these by working in collaboration with area churches.  Volunteers at Love INC build relationships, assess the need, validate the individual, and match resources from one or more of the service ministries. Service ministries provide a number of items including personal hygiene items, rent, utility assistance, mortgage assistance, food, furniture, and temporary shelter. In 2014 Love INC and its partner churches mobilized 6,143 volunteers, contributing 16,851 hours to assist people in need in Livingston County.

We are asking that you help make a difference in the lives of families and individuals experiencing poverty in Livingston County by donating to Love INC.

A generous family has offered to match your donation to Love INC. That means your $100 gift makes a $200 impact. Be the person to change and transform lives in the name of Christ. The time frame is limited, so double your gift by mailing in your donation with the enclosed card by December 15. You can also donate online at www.livingstonloveinc.org.

Many Thanks and Blessings,

Katherine B. Janego, Executive Director

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