Providing Help and Hope

It’s hard to wrap your head around the work done by our volunteers. They spend hours on the phone with people in need in our county, and they’re able to offer what’s needed at just the right time. Our volunteers don’t just help direct people to our partner churches for stuff, they’re also providing hope. Here’s a sample of how they help.


A client called in who had been recently divorced. She was raising four children, and her husband had left the state, saddling her with debt. She was also dealing with family health issues and trying to assist where possible. Because of her situation she was living with her children in her mother’s basement. That’s when the heavy rain hit and flooded the basement. She lost most of her furniture.

For most of us this would be an emotionally overwhelming crisis, especially when dealing with all the issues the client shared. However, our volunteer was able to refer her to partner churches that provided her with personal items, food, and furniture. Our volunteer also had the opportunity to pray and share scripture with the client, offering hope and encouragement at just the right time.

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