And Sometimes Our Clients Inspire Us

Being a Love INC volunteer is so fulfilling, it’s very challenging sometimes but fulfilling. It’s not easy to step into someone else’s pain, grief, or suffering and try to walk with them through their trials. Our volunteers provide hope and peace to people in trying times. As you can guess there are days when our volunteers feel weighed down.

How amazing it is, even awe-inspiring, when our clients inspire us! There was a young woman who called in needing furniture, nothing else just furniture. As our volunteer talked with her the Love INC volunteer found this young woman had been through an emotional storm. She has a small child, and her husband had battled cancer. Praise God, he has recovered and has a full time job! She is also taking care of her disabled 14-year old sister because their Mom is an alcoholic. Again, praise the Lord, she had the ability to care for her sister. This young woman struggled through the challenges and was positive and full of gratitude. She was such an inspiration. I think God has a plan….