A Summer With Love INC

If I had to sum up my summer with Love INC, it would be this: I have received so much more than I have given.

 As a college student with an interest in law, volunteering at a non-profit seemed to be a logical choice, a solid resume item. When the opportunity to work with Love INC for a summer arose, I was interested and excited. I expected to perform some administrative tasks, to learn a few things, and then to leave at the end of the summer having checked “worked with a non-profit,” off of my list of to-dos.

Now, as I look back on these past few months, I know that these simple expectations were a radical underestimation of the experience I would ultimately have during my time at Love INC, and of the organization itself. I could not have possibly predicted the power that a group of dedicated, spiritually motivated volunteers could have on a community, or on me. I had never witnessed the kind of poverty that Love INC deals with each and every day.

It was overwhelming, and seemed impossible to address. But the volunteers and employees at Love INC seemed unfazed. Not because they did not care, but because they are each so filled with kindness and love for their fellow man that a cry for help was not a burden but a chance to lift up a community, one simple need at a time. This perspective on life and on every individual’s societal value was an entirely new concept. The idea that you can live your life in the same spirit of giving that these volunteers live their lives was revolutionary for me. 

This is why I know I have received so much more than I have given. This experience has taught me how being grounded in love and respect for those around you, no matter their station. It changes your life and adds a richness to living that you cannot have without that kind of spiritual attitude and desire to give back.

 I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

Thank you Love INC!

Keriann Smith