What is Love INC?

I’ve just begun my 2nd year on Love INC’s Board of Directors and am amazed how God gives one the time and energy for His work.  As a single mom with both of my 2 kids (one in college, one in High School), I find great joy in the life God has laid before me.  By day, I’m a sales and marketing manager, rubbing elbows with many people in a 4 county area weekly. By night, I teach marketing courses online for two universities.  And in my free time (what free time you may ask), I enjoy singing with the 2|42 Community Church worship team and my position as a Youth Leader with the church’s High School group.

My journey to Love INC began nearly two years ago when at a leadership meeting for my church I was given a large sum of money to go out and bless those in need in our community.  I was excited for the opportunity until it hit me…..I don’t really know anyone in need, personally.  I’m very middle class and have been entrenched in work and in my two children’s lives as a single mom for nearly 9 years. So, I reached out to my friend, Lois, who told me about Love INC.  I researched their website and learned about their ministry in the community.  While on the site, I learned that they were looking for board members, particularly those who had marketing experience. So, here I am today.

People often ask me what Love INC does, but mission statements can be a little elusive, whether from a corporation or a non-profit. Take the Love INC mission statement; “to mobilize local Churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ”. This really is about the “C”hurch working together to provide basic needs to those struggling in Livingston County. That’s the large-C Church, the one that includes all of us, no matter what Christian denomination we profess.

The greatest thing about this is that we are following Jesus’ command to love others, care for the poor, widows and those imprisoned.  Jesus mobilized his followers, the Church, to care for those who needed help.  He didn’t call on Rome/Caesar to take care of those in need, he called on people…..Christ followers, to care for people.  How awesome would it be for the Church to be the conduit to help those in need AND to help those same people learn skills to get them on the path where they can help people!  That’s what Love INC does.  They help with immediate needs of the community who come to the Church for help and get those individuals connected to ministries within Livingston County churches that have the specific resources needed as well as provide tools that can help them help themselves, all in the name of Christ.

How can you help us in this adventure?  Pray for Love INC and partner churches as well as give of your time and resources to help in fundraising events to keep this ministry healthy and effective to our brothers and sisters in this community who are in need.  Don’t think you have time to help?  Re-read paragraph one…..God will provide whatever it is we lack. That’s His specialty!

Lisa Rozmarniewicz, Board Member