Invest Early, Invest Often

When people ask me about Love INC and my role as a member of the board, I usually joke and say, "it is because I am good at using the Internet!" But I always follow it up with, "it is because I care about this community".

I care about investment. I look around our community and see young people, families and the elderly. I know that my demographic is the one that needs to invest in building community that will last into the future. If my generation doesn’t engage in community building then who will? As what people refer to a “millennial” that puts me into a category that represents some of the most resourced people this world has ever seen. We have the ability to commit to a community to help them with physical needs and spiritual needs. Long gone are the days where we leave volunteering to the retirees and people with “free time.” We are in a time where investment comes early, without investment into the community where we live; we will not have the community we desperately want to see in the future. A community that cares, helps, and comes alongside each other in times of plenty as well as times of tragedy. Time and relationships are our best commodity. 

We as a generation have a responsibility to serve our communities, whether it is through an organization like Love INC, the church, or any of the other great non-profits in our community, we as a generation need to step up and be invested in our communities.

My role at Love INC is important to me because I believe in Love INC, I believe in the process of coming alongside someone in needs and resourcing them not just in a singular manner, but rather approaching them as a person and caring for their needs, whether they are spiritual or physical.

What is close to your heart?

 Aaron Smith, Board Member