Stepping Into Grief

A lovely woman came into the Love INC office last week to donate cloths; a simple, loving act to give what someone else could use. And in an instant she shared her husband’s story. Her husband had been ill and bedridden for more than a decade. He was unable to get out of bed himself, and uninterested in engaging in life. He had been a singer, but not any longer.

One day she heard the shower running and some music. She thought the radio was playing. When she went to check on him she realized he was singing in the shower!! How shocked she was by this, and even more shocked when he asked for a nice hot breakfast. That day was amazing! Her husband walked outside with her, ate robustly, chatted joyously.

That evening, after dinner, he asked to walk the dogs. He went outside, just he and the dogs, enjoying the evening air. As she walked with him into the house he turned and smiled at her and said, “I made it”. Then he sat on the floor and quietly passed away.

Stepping into someone’s story, for even a moment, changes your life.

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