Love INC stands for Love In the Name of Christ. As a part of a nationwide movement (, we are a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to meeting basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and money management. To accomplish this, we assist on an individual level and on community levels. While assisting the immediate needs of folks in crisis, we also seek to transform community practices that tend to grip citizens in the hand of poverty--practices that affect community development, child care, health care, and more. Our mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.

Our vision is to motivate and equip our local Church community to collectively support people in physical, emotional, and spiritual need, leading to self-sufficiency and a relationship with a faith community.

We are a unique collaboration of over 60 churches in Livingston County that provide a wide range of needs. Love INC has a team of specially trained volunteers that build relationships, verify needs, and determine distribution of resources. We work with our partner churches and local agencies to more efficiently and effectively use limited resources. 

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these 
brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."
-Matthew 25:40


Board Members:

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Katherine Janego has been the Executive Director of Love In the Name of Christ of the Greater Livingston Area, (Love INC) since 2006, growing the ministry from 7 churches to 61 partner churches in Livingston County. She is on the Love INC National Advisory Team encouraging new Love INC Executive Directors across the United States.
Katherine attends St. Patrick Catholic Church in Brighton and enjoys being a vessel of Christ as Love INC transforms lives and communities in the name of Christ.



Ron Craddock is the Senior Director Regional Financial Services for Diebold Inc, and Board Chair of Love INC. He uses his expertise in strategy and team building to lead the Love INC Board of Directors. Ron and his wife Ann attend 2│42 Community Church in Brighton and have four adult children. Ron has been a resident of Brighton since 1986.


Dirk DeWinkle has been on our Love INC board since 2014. He serves as board vice-chair.  Dirk is an insurance agent at Hartland Insurance Agency.  He is a member of Brighton Christian Church, and he has a lovely wife and five strapping boys with one more on the way. 


Mark Dunny has recently retired from over three decades in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry. He is a long time member of First Presbyterian Church of Brighton. While currently doing some consulting and career coaching focused on leadership, communication, and career development he is excited to expand his work with Love, INC. directly as a board member. 


Tom Lampert Tom has been a native to Livingston County for 50+ years and resides in Howell. Having graduated Summa Cum Laude from Liberty University with a B.S in Finance, he launched into the financial services field in 1990 where he is now a Certified Financial Planner and Financial Advisor with Archer Huntley Financial Services in Brighton.  He is an active member at Cornerstone EPC in Brighton, the Gideon's  International, and Howell Rotary He has a passion for seeing others have life transformation and win with money after having seen the struggles of his own Mom raising 6 children by herself on a limited income and learning how to be resourceful.


Kay Kuch was born, and has lived most of her life, in Fowlerville. She is involved in a number of ministries at                          St. Agnes Church there. Kay is currently retired, but her past career included work as Vice President of a                              small corporation handling financial and day-to-day matters. 



                    Deacon Bill Russell has been a lawyer for 28 years and is Vice President/General Counsel of Select Title                            Company. He is very active in many groups at St. John the Baptist Church in Howell including, Church Choir,                        small group ministry, Men’s Fellowship, and Bible and a Brew. Bill is also a Stephen Minister and teaches                              adult formation classes, as well as assisting with RCIA and is a Past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus.                      This is Bill’s second time on the Love INC Board of Directors.



                   Queta Siefker has lived in Livingston County for 26 years. She has been marketing for physicians for the past                      6 years and looks forward to using these skills to help Love INC in whatever capacity needed. She is a                                  member and deacon at Cornerstone EPC and is involved in other ministries as well. Queta has a passion to                          help those in need.    


             Kevin Mondloch is dedicated to a vocationin service.  He has worked in Homeless Services in Fairfax County,                 Virginia and the City of Alexandria, Virginia.  His avocation is as an Acute Loss Planner for Borek Jennings Funeral               Home,  guiding individuals to develop a plan for their loved ones to begin healing when they hear of their death.